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Brochure Printing Calgary

Are you advertising for products or services? Use high quality print products to catch the eye of your customers. At Planet Signs, we offer brochure printing services in Calgary, Alberta.

The Best Brochure Printing and Design in Calgary!

Do you have business plans for advertising for your company and products? Make sure to include brochures in the mix! Brochures are effective because they are cost-effective, versatile, visually-pleasing and can include tons of information.

You can think of it as a business card, print advertisement, social media outreach, and call-to-action all in one folded brochure.

Do you have your brochure designed? We supply brochure templates to help you get started. Graphic design can be difficult, but with our variety of designs, fold options, and paper stock, we will help you design and print your perfect brochure.

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Quality Brochure Printing and Design

Our most common printing jobs include landscape A5 print brochures and brochure printing in Calgary same day. Unlimited printing capability: We offer quick turnaround times on bulk orders! Even if you print 100 lb brochures, Planet Signs has your back. We require a minimum of 3 days for more than 70 lb.

Brochure Printing Services

Even when starting a business, we highly recommend creating a brochure to share information and highlight the type of social media and outreach your company wants to achieve. This brochure, which encompasses your brand and mission is like writing a business plan—you’re telling the customer what you hope to do with the product and service you provide.

You can include your business ideas, social networks, or essentially your “executive summary” of your business. With eye catching designs, it’s much easier to gain attraction with a brochure than a simple flyer.

Not a fan of web design? Enjoy free brochure templates from sites like Canva. Can’t find a design you like, contact us and we’ll help you create a design.

We offer a variety of sizes and folding options when printing brochures. The most popular folds, the accordion fold and roll fold, are gently creased into the brochure for easy folding purposes during manufacturing.

We allow our clients to customize to their liking. Need a landscape A5 print brochure? We got it! Printing in Calgary online A5 booklet brochure? No problem. 11 x 25.5 brochure printing in Calgary? We provide services to all businesses in Calgary, Alberta.

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Quality Brochure Printing and Design

We value quick turnaround printing times with all our products. Our office is open Monday through Friday, and even Saturdays, from 10AM to 6PM. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our work day includes printing and communicating with YOU to ensure the amount of time and resources you’re putting into printing is worth it.

To get started with printing, contact us and upload your brochure design. Blurry printing occurs when the original design is uploaded incorrectly. Avoid this by uploading in PDF or AI format. Include the amount of brochures, quality and size of paper, and specify the finish (matte or glossy) of your brochure.


Planet Signs has over 15 years of experience in signage and printing. By using the best materials combined with our expertise, we produce the best results so that you can market your business effectively.

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