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Custom Menus

The most important money-making agent from a restaurant—the menu. Although your initial thought might be, “The food is the most important,” it’s actually the menu which attracts the customer before they even sit down at their table. At Planet Signs, locally in Calgary, Alberta, we help YOU create the perfect custom menu for your establishment.

A couple at a cafe looking at a menu

To highlight each delicacy your restaurant has to offer, you need a custom menu which offers a variety of menu items and represents your restaurant’s brand. To catch the eye of hungry customers, you can play around with full colour menus, material and finish, variety of folding, and more to create a menu for your Calgary restaurant.

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Restaurant Menus

Font, sizing, spacing, wording and even colour affects what the reader orders. Optimizing restaurant menu design is crucial for every establishment, whether it be a Mom and Pop diner or popular chain restaurant.

A simple box on your restaurant menu around the most profitable item can increase orders by an immense amount. According to the Food & Brand Lab at the University of Illinois, descriptive titles like “Mom’s Favourite Chicken Soup” can help boost sales up to 27 percent, in comparison to simple titles like “Chicken Soup”.

In addition to the titles on your restaurant menu, make sure to use evocative words in the description to pique the reader’s interest.

There are multiple types of menus to choose from. We can help you choose the right one for your restaurant with custom made menus conveniently made in Calgary, Alberta.

Italian menu on the window of the restaurant


High Quality Menus

Instead of printing on your printer at home or at the office, contact our team at Planet Signs to print high quality menus in bulk. In addition to bulk printing, we offer a variety of customization options for your menus, including different finishes (matte or glossy), waterproofing, type and size of paper, and folding options (bi-fold or tri-fold or custom fold).

Waterproof Menus

Do you offer outdoor seating services? If so, we recommend selecting our water-resistant or waterproof custom menu printing options. Waterproof menus are a great choice for family-friendly restaurants as it will protect your menus from spills. Laminating your print menus are perfect for restaurants who don’t change their menu too often or want to increase the longevity of your menus.

Binder Printing

If you have a set binder for your menus, we offer customized sizes with binding options. Binding your menus can add a level of professionalism that your business has been looking for. Send us your design and custom requests here.

Types of Folds

If your restaurant offers a variety of dishes, we recommend a bi-fold or tri-fold menu. List your breakfast and brunch options on one side, and lunch and dinner on the other. Include your drinks and alcohol on the same menu or consider using a table tent or a separate single page menu. Bi-fold or tri-fold menus are also great for restaurants or bars who want to have description for your food and drink item.

Table Tents

If you have a limited edition or special event menu, we recommend printing on Table Tents. These pop-up menus allow your customers to easily view your restaurant menu specials, or use your table tent as a business card to promote your restaurant’s social media. Use table tents to highlight limited edition beverages, Chef’s favourites, and high-profit items to bring in more revenue at each table. Print in full colour and use bold designs to sell your promotional products.

Table tents displaying holiday specials

QR Code Menus

If you want to stick to environmentally-friendly printing, use tent cards that act as a “menu button” for your restaurant QR code. This is a great option for restaurants with seasonal menu changes and frequently changing products and services. You can also have your café’s or bar’s QR code printed on a sticker.

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Full Colour Menus

Print the boldest, most colourful designs with Planet Signs! Bring extravagant designs to life, while keeping costs low. Submit your design and create a restaurant menu that will attract your customer. Whether it’s a full colour menu or simple, elegant design, with our optimized printing services, you can print the menu of your dreams without the big bucks.

We offer professional menu printing services near you in Calgary, Alberta. We offer fast-turnaround times and quick menu printing.

Menu Printing Calgary

Submit your custom menu design here and get started with a free quote! Don’t have a menu yet?

Contact the Planet Signs Team and have a custom menu designed for your restaurant or event. We have a variety of menu templates for you to choose from, so our team can design perfect print menus for your local Calgary establishment.


Planet Signs has over 15 years of experience in signage and printing. By using the best materials combined with our expertise, we produce the best results so that you can market your business effectively.

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