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Dimensional Signs

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What are Dimensional Signs?

Dimensional signage, also called three-dimensional signage, adds a new element to your advertising with an elevated look. Create eye-catching indoor and outdoor signs with raised lettering, logos, and graphics.

Dimensional signs Calgary generate high viewer engagement because of the 3D effect. The brain perceives three-dimensional images as more real than flat, two-dimensional ones. The result: 3D images invoke a stronger emotional response and mental engagement, therefore requiring more sustained attention from the viewer.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to images and 3D presentations. Pair this concept with 3D signs, artistic window graphics, and unique dimensional sign shapes. Your sign becomes a visual attraction for passersby, increasing visibility, brand awareness, and creating deeply memorable results.

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Materials for 3 Dimensional Signs

Depending on the scope of your project, you can make dimensional signage out of a variety of materials, including:

  • Wood: Wood signs have a classic and “natural” appeal, which adds elegance to any sign or brand.
  • PVC plastics: PVC is a popular, inexpensive material for adding dimension to signage. It’s tough and durable and can withstand the harsh elements.
  • Foamcore: If you’re making an interior custom dimensional sign, use foam core. It’s light and inexpensive and you can change the finish.
  • Metal: Malleable metal like steel, copper, bronze, and aluminum bring a modern, industrial, yet sophisticated feel to a brand.
  • Acrylic: The most versatile and flexible material, acrylic custom signage can be designed in a variety of colors and shapes.

You can mix and match materials! For example, if you want a wood background with stainless steel 3-dimensional letter signs, Planet Signs will work with your team to create the perfect sign for your brand. Dimensional sign letters can be created with cast metal and metal plaques. Our graphic designers can help you create calgary signs for your business.

The materials used in a dimensional sign varies based on location, duration and design. If you install your sign on a weak wall, we recommend choosing a lightweight material like PVC or acrylic. Complicated and colourful 3 dimensional letters signs are best made from acrylic. Elegant and classy designs suit dimensional wood signs. Do you need help choosing which materials to use for your custom signs and graphics? Contact us at (403) 477-4247.

3 Dimensional Signs

Crafting Your 3D Sign with Planet Signs

Dimensional office signs are our specialty. We’ve crafted hundreds of 3D signs, illuminated signs, and channel letter signs for Calgary businesses. Check out our Instagram to see our work.

We provide the highest quality signs for your company using our 3 dimensional sign printers and carving machines, allowing us to perfectly recreate your design, whether it’s 3D letters or custom shapes.

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3 Dimensional Letter Signs

Create signage that fits your unique design brand. Our signs shop crafts signs that are modern, versatile, and memorable. Three-dimensional signs are the perfect way to promote your company, highlight your brand, and create a memorable first impression with your customers.

We guarantee high-quality signs, banners, cards, and printed materials in Calgary, Alberta. Are you looking to add to your order? Click here to view our full list of products.

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Planet Signs has over 15 years of experience in signage and printing. By using the best materials combined with our expertise, we produce the best results so that you can market your business effectively.

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