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Interior Signs

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Custom Indoor Signs

Every business needs the right blend of indoor signage to accomplish their goals. From keeping your staff safe in work areas to assisting your guests with wayfinding, indoor signage helps to keep your operations running efficiently.

The indoor signage you use will vary from industry to industry. Choosing the right signage can be challenging, as many different factors need to be considered including your business goals, legal requirements, how customers navigate and utilize your space, even the wear you expect all have an impact on what choice fits your needs.

Having worked with every industry, Planet Signs has the unique insight you need to help control the flow of traffic in your facility, how best to motivate employees, and how to ensure your brand is remembered. We believe only professionally crafted business signage will provide you with the impact you need to support your business and further your marketing reach and continued growth

Whether you are moving to a new location or are unsure what Calgary signage solutions best support your goals, we provide on-site evaluations that allow us to make recommendations that help you determine the placement, signage material, and type that will help you achieve your goals.

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Indoor Office Signs

Office buildings often house various businesses or have multiple offices for a single business. This can often become confusing to new clients or infrequent guests as they attempt to navigate the office complex looking for their desired location. If the office complex has a front door assistant, this often leaves the burden of directing clients to where they need to go. By utilizing effective way finding signage, your customers or clients will be able to navigate your facility without additional assistance, freeing up the front door assistant for more pressing issues.

Indoor signage not only assists with various tasks but also allows you to utilize any signage as a brand building tool efficiently. Consistency throughout your facility is critical to increase brand recognition and promote your business as a leader in your industry. Logo signs, wall murals, floor signs, even information signs can all share your business and brand history, and promote your products or services.

Indoor Company Signs

Retail stores and restaurants often use signage typically targeted at promoting products and not for branding. That doesn’t mean your signage can’t also be used to support your brand at the same time.

Planet Signs creates high-quality, attractive menu boards, hanging banners, product displays, vinyl signs and graphics, point-of-purchase signage, and more that supports your brand and promotes the products or services your customers need. The signage you use can highlight your brand and products by utilizing fonts, colours, and logos designed to create the consistency you need to reinforce your brand. Regardless if you need way finding signage or a restroom sign, we make it easy for you to impress your customers while helping them to find anything they need.

Even businesses that aren’t open to the public need impactful and effective signage to support their business. Whether you desire a way to improve employee morale, educate staff of safe work practices, or share your history with guests and employees, Planet Signs will create the right signage blend to help you achieve your corporate goals and much more.

Indoor banners, safety signs, way finding signs, and wall murals all work to support your business goals, reduce the risk of injury and helps to create a work environment that boosts morale. When you need a reliable partner for attractive, impactful manufacturing signage designed to assist, support and guide your employees and guests, Planet Signs has the experience you need to achieve your goals.

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Retail Indoor Signs

Consistency in your business and marketing is essential to promoting your brand and building name recognition throughout your community. With solid brand guidelines, consistency throughout all creative endeavours will allow you to obtain the repetition you need for your branding to take hold and build the professional image your customers want when doing business. At Planet Signs we understand the impact signage can have on a business. We create attractive ADA signage, lobby signs, direction signage, point-of-purchase signage, window signs, and indoor banners to complement and enhance your existing signage and brand.

Our talented design team is ready to help you conceptualize the perfect blend of interior signage, utilizing your existing colours, styles, and fonts, or create new brand guidelines, including a style sheet to use moving forward.

Planet Signs is your provider for attractive, cohesive indoor graphics and signs.

From way finding to ADA signage, we understand the unique needs of different businesses and different niches. We want your custom signage to work for your business and work with your unique physical space, brand personality, and goals to craft the right signage blend for your needs.

Whether you need a storytelling wall mural or an entire blend of office identification signage, Planet Signs will create it for you.

To save you money and time, we utilize efficient manufacturing practices and use sustainable, Eco-friendly material whenever possible that give you the attractive, high-quality signage you will come to depend on.

Our indoor sign services include:

  • Floor Signs
  • Lobby Signs
  • Office Signs
  • Pop Signs
  • Product Displays
  • Room ID Signs
  • Wall Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs


Planet Signs has over 15 years of experience in signage and printing. By using the best materials combined with our expertise, we produce the best results so that you can market your business effectively.

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