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Pylon Signs

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LED Pylon Sign

Today, in cities where tall buildings have surrounded each and every area, it has become difficult for not only the customers to find the location of businesses but also for businesses to stand out in the crowd. So, what did businesses in such cities decide to do? Well, they started putting signboards that were mounted on a height of anywhere between 15 to 150 feet, making them easily visible from far away. These mounted signboards are what's called pylon signs and they’ve been helping businesses since a long time ago.

Generally, these signs are bright and flamboyant, allowing passersby to notice whatever information you want to share, for example, the store hours, or discounts. Although Pylon signs are ideal for any business, usually, you may have seen them near/outside supermarkets, gas stations, shopping malls, and other businesses that require high exposure.

These mounted small hoardings are one of the best investments you can make because they provide tailored advertisements that suit your audience, are easy to maintain as they come with inserts that can easily be changed, and most importantly, provide enhanced marketing. And what’s more, you can get it completely customized at Planet Signs and at affordable rates. So, whatever you’ve in mind, tell us and we will help you to bring it to reality.

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Types of Pylon Signs Calgary

At Planet Signs, you can get pylon signs for any business. Whether you’re dealing in medicine, hotel, or anything else, we’re sure we can help you out in getting the perfect pylon sign. But before you can decide on anything, you must check which type of pylon you would like to proceed with, although if you’re unable to choose — you can always talk to us.

Here are the different types of pylon signs:

  • Single-pole mount signs: It is a modern method where instead of the traditional approach, you use only a single pole. One of the most efficient forms of advertising is freestanding or single-pole Pylon signage. For increased brand awareness, the simple look is a cost-effective and great option.
  • Twin-pole mount signs: The twin-pole structure is a lot more durable and can accommodate larger signs. In addition to its durable design, it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, so if you prefer the symmetrical shape of two poles, we recommend investing in the two-pole mount sign.
  • Covered pole signs: The covered pole sign as the name suggests provides the additional covering making the pole unexposed. So, you can hide a pylon structural pole if you don't like the way it looks. And we can help you in the customization process so you don’t have to worry about its aesthetics.
  • Custom lightbox signs: And lastly, if you’re into all the jazz of illuminated signs, we’ve got you covered. At Planet Signs, you can get custom lightbox signs that glow in the dark making the sign even more awning.


Commercial Pylon Signs

Let us ask you a question: on a daily basis, how many seconds, minutes, or even hours do you spend in transit? Well, although it depends from person to person, usually it is a lot — enough for you to notice the tall mounted signs with, at times, some creative content on them. And more often than not, you later visit the place because you remembered it. As a result, these pylon signs are a commercial success, they grab the attention of passersby.

Lately, there is an increase in the number of businesses deciding to invest in pylon signs especially the ones that are set aside from the main road, a parking lot in front of them, or if something is obstructing the establishment. If you fall into any one of these categories or simply need a pylon sign, contact us and find out more about the rates, designs, etc.

Letter sign and freestanding sign can be perfect to attract eyes in a shopping center. LED Illuminated signs can be helpful in catching the eye of your customers. In industrial areas, road signs and highway signs are used so you might need to standout for more people to see. Planet Signs is a signs company that can help you with all your signage needs.

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Pylon Sign Board

Before investing in a pylon signboard, do you know whether you want to get a pylon or a monument sign? Although there is not much difference between the two, the primary difference is — that the former is taller than the latter. Yes, that’s it. But that difference affects the price. In order to know more about the prices, contact our team today.

Are you looking for additional information on Pylon signage in Calgary, Alberta? If you answered yes, Planet Signs is the place to go. Planet Signs can assist you with the design and production of any sort of signage, including pylon signs. We also create, manufacture, and install a bunch of other advertising tools, contact us to know more.


Planet Signs has over 15 years of experience in signage and printing. By using the best materials combined with our expertise, we produce the best results so that you can market your business effectively.

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